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Frontier Firearms has two of the finest indoor firing ranges in the Oak Ridge - Knoxville area.  We offer a bright, safe, clean, and friendly environment for indoor target shooting and training.  New, families and experienced shooters are always welcome and find our staff second to none.   Certified firearms instructors are ready to assist you in having a safe, fun shooting experience.

Our ranges are equipped with advanced shooting equipment that is maintained daily by our team members.  Each shooting lane offers ATS - the Active Target Shooting system allowing you to send your target downrange from 3 feet to 75 feet.  

In the store, team members standby to fulfill all of your shooting needs from advice on suitable firearms to consultation on a full line of firearm accessories, ammunition, and cleaning supplies. 

Range 1

Range 2

Open 7 Days

What to Expect . . .

On your first visit to Frontier Firearms Family Shooting Center you must take care of a bit of business before shooting including: 

  • Participation in a safety briefing

  • Reading our Range Rules 

  • Signing a waiver of liability 

  • Checking in with a valid photo ID

First-time shooters not accompanied by an experienced shooter or those renting a firearm from us will be given additional instruction. 

These steps are required to ensure the highest level of safety for all visitors. For more information, please see our Safety Rules or contact us.

​Modern, Clean, Employee Owned Knoxville Area Range

Our non-recirculating air intake and purge systems supply a constant, steady flow of clean, fresh air that is never contaminated by dangerous lead dust and heavy metals.


Unlike ranges using metal plate backstops our granulated rubber bullet traps catch bullets whole so they can't bounce-back to hurt you as happens in obsolete ranges and ranges under 75 feet. 

Frontier Firearms' 

Original Try-Before-You-Buy Program

Click LOGO above to find out how to find the right firearms for you.

At Frontier safety is number one. NRA Certified Range Safety Officers oversee the range while careful monitoring shooting activities. No doubt whether on the range or in the store, you will feel safe and comfortable.


When visiting Frontier feel free to ask questions or seek help.  Our team members are ready to offer assistance and answer questions, and when it comes to firearms, there are no dumb questions.


If you are contemplating a visit to our range, remember we offer a full line of top-quality shooting accessories, targets, and supplies.  We carry ammunition so you need not stock up before coming down. 


Frontier provides firearms training taught by certified professionals. Our training courses cover a  variety of pistols, handguns, and long guns.  Shoot at our shooting range today.


Built in 2010, we've spared no expense for your shooting comfort and safety.  Each of our two 25 yard ranges features state-of-the-art features:  


  • Turning, moving Active Target Shooting 

  • Ten computer controlled firing lanes

  • User-friendly computer controls

  • 360º rotating targets

  • User programmable target movement

  • Pre-programmed shooting scenarios

  • Bright LED lights that move with the targets 

  • Solid monorail tracks - no bouncing cables

  • Sound damping technology 

  • Lanes built for wheelchair-bound shooters

  • Fresh air intake/purge system

  • Granulated rubber backstop catches bullets intact - no bullet bounce back or flying shrapnel.

Range: 865.376.0793 

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