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Concealed Carry for Life!©

Defensive Pistol Series


You've taken the first step - you have a handgun and a carry permit. The next step in self-defense preparedness is to advance your shooting skills.  At Frontier Firearms, we help prepare you for daily carry and against the unfortunate confrontation that may require the use of deadly force. Perhaps you just completed an introductory pistol class, recently acquired your carry permit, or like many others, you’re a lifelong shooter, but you have never experienced professional firearms instruction and now want to progress to the next level by developing your self-defense and combat pistol skills.  If so, our Carry for Life! © Defensive Pistol courses are for you.


In this series of four courses, you will discover your limitations AND strengths and take away life lessons to enable you to Carry for Life! ©.  Our goal is to promote handgun safety while developing your marksmanship and combat skill through classroom and range instruction.  Each course segment will immerse you in handgun and range safety, marksmanship, and pistol presentation and recovery.  You may continue training on your own you. You will be shown skills drills relating to the lessons just taught in each course.


Throughout the Carry for Life!© Defensive Pistol Series, you will be introduced to progressively more difficult speed and accuracy drills as you perfect your firearms ability.  As you move through the series, you will face new challenges as environmental stress factors are introduced.


Carry for Life!© Defensive Pistol Series encompasses a broad spectrum of defensive shooting, from the technical aspects of firearm handling, marksmanship, and tactics to conflict avoidance, mental and situational awareness, as well as establishing the combat mindset - the capability and willingness to protect loved ones and yourself.


You will learn the best techniques for safely and competently manipulating your firearm through all procedures, including tactical and emergency techniques for loading and unloading, malfunction clearances, chamber-check, and presentation options. You will focus on perfectly controlling sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger pressure to achieve rapid, repeatable, and accurate hits on target. You will learn to maintain a condition of relaxed alertness that allows you to anticipate and, if possible, avoid conflict but, if necessary, to take immediate and appropriate action to survive a lethal threat. Successful students should thoroughly understand the legal liabilities and responsibilities of carrying a firearm.


Regardless of your experience before entering this course, upon completion, your gun handling, marksmanship, and tactical skills will be better than they have ever been. You will be able to safely and efficiently draw your weapon from a CONCEALED holster and fire two sighted shots to the center of a target 5 yards away – in under 1.5 seconds! 


Focus throughout the Carry for Life! © Defensive Pistol series is on applying the basics under stress. In each course, you are taught to understand the principles of tactics and have multiple opportunities to use your acquired skills under the pressure of simulated, lethal encounters.  These courses are a must for anyone who chooses to own or carry a handgun for self-defense.


Carry for Life! © Courses are taught by highly trained, skilled professionals and a full 16 hours.  Our nationally accredited instructors provide the best possible classroom instruction and demonstrations as they introduce you to different open and concealed carry holster types, discuss and demonstrate the pros and cons of each, and teach the proper techniques for presentation and holstering your firearm for each holster type.  Included are good draw techniques, firing positions, CQB, shooting on the move at a single and multiple targets, cover, low light, off-hand, one-hand, positional shooting, shoot-don't-shoot scenarios, reactive target drills, malfunction drills, and much more. You will practice against a wide variety of targets - moving and stationary as you progress through various qualifications, exercises, and marksmanship drills.


No matter your proficiency level, one should expect to come out of each course a better marksman and, even more, critical less likely to be labeled "VICTIM" in the aftermath of a shooting. No one needs to end up on the inside of a chalk-line!


Carry for Life! © Courses are open to men and women. Students under 21 must attend with a parent, be active duty military, or a full-time police officer.  A parent or guardian must accompany youth between 16 and 18. The parent or guardian MUST have taken this same course before, work with the minor during the entire course, and be responsible for only ONE child. Youth age 16 and under are not allowed.

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