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Safety & Range Rules & Waiver

​Jeff Cooper's Firearm Safety Rules:   ​

  1. All guns are always loaded! 
  2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy! 
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target!
  4. Always be sure of your target!​

People of all backgrounds and genders enjoy shooting sports.  Some have been taught gun safety at a young age.  Others discovered the sport later in life.  No matter when one was introduced to firearms, there is one thing all shooters can agree on: the need for gun safety.  Thus, you're never too young or too old to revisit the basics that continue to help everyone enjoy their day at the range.

Safety Video and Range Rules and Shooting Waiver

Before using our range for recreation, training, or classes, you must do the following:

  1. Watch our Frontier Firearms Range Safety Orientation Video

  2. After viewing the video, complete our Range Rules & Shooting Waiver Acknowledgment

Complete our Safety Video and Waiver at the Range

To help everyone feel safe and comfortable on our Ranges, we ask that you follow the following rules on the range so that everyone may enjoy a safe, fun time while shooting at Frontier Firearms Family Shooting Center.

Our Range Safety Rules

Four Universal Safety Rules

  1. Treat all firearms as loaded all the time.
  2. Always point firearms in a safe direction until ready to fire.
  3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until on target and ready to fire.
  4. Always know your target and what is behind it.


Basic Safety Rules

  • All guns are always loaded. Therefore, treat all firearms as if they were loaded.  

  • Always keep your firearm unloaded until ready to use. Only load and unload guns in your assigned shooting booth.

  • Always keep your firearm muzzle/barrel pointed downrange. Know your target.

  • Never handle firearms behind the firing line (or when out of your shooting booth).

  • Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until your sights are on the target and you are ready to fire.

  • First-time shooters, let the Range Officer know that they may assist you.


General Range Rules

  • Hearing and Eye Protection Use Is Mandatory before entering and while on the range. Everyone in the range must wear eye and ear protection at all times. Put them on before entering the range.

  • When not shooting, stay behind the shooting bay or marked line.

  • Please do not shoot the range's floor, ceiling, or walls.

  • Make every effort to make sure your rounds impact the backstop.

  • No more than two shooters per lane allowed in the range at a time

  • As a courtesy to the next shooter, sweep your empty casing past the firing line after shooting.

  • Only Pick Up Your Brass:  You may collect your empty cases that fall in your booth on the shooter side of the firing line. However, never reach the firing line or go down range to retrieve brass, not even a broom.

  • Only certified Frontier Firearms instructors may teach or instruct in our ranges.


Firearms and Ammunition Handling

Guns Brought into the Range Must Be Inspected:  All firearms and magazines that are not holstered must be unloaded and in a case or bag. Please present your unloaded and cleared gun along with your ammunition to the Range Safety Officer for inspection.

What Guns Are Allowed:  Most handguns are permitted except those chambered for centerfire rifle ammunition. Rim-fire and most pistol-caliber rifles are allowed. Pistol caliber automatic firearms are allowed, but you must be accompanied by the Range Safety Officer [you must have the proper NFA paperwork]. Air guns and BB guns are allowed. Firearms not mentioned must be approved before use.  

Pistol Caliber Ammunition Only:  Standard pistol caliber copper-jacketed, commercial, and reloaded ammunition is permitted. Ammunition designed for penetrating metal is not allowed - no steel jacketed, steel shot, or steel core bullets. In addition, no tracer, incendiary, gas, or explosive ammunition is permitted.   If in doubt about your ammo, ask the Range Safety Officer.

Only Load Firearms in the Range:  All guns must be unloaded and secured in a holster, case, or box when entering/exiting the range.

Never Handle Guns Behind the Shooting Line:  No firearm handling is allowed outside the shooting booths or behind the firing line.

Keep Your Firearm Pointed Downrange toward the target, whether loaded, unloaded, or malfunctioning. 

Fire at Your Target Only as Rapidly as Your Ability Permits:  Uncontrolled shooting resulting in damage to equipment is strictly forbidden. Violators will have range privileges revoked and held liable for the damage.

Fire Only One Gun at a Time:  When finished with one, unload and case it before uncasing the next firearm. All "benched" (a gun not in use) should be placed on the bench unloaded, action open, with the magazine removed or cylinder open.

Never Pass a Loaded Firearm to Another Person. A Firearm is considered loaded unless its action is open (slide back or cylinder out) and magazine removed.

Cross Lane Shooting Is Not Permitted:  Shoot at your target only.

Must-Have Permission to Shoot From a Holster:  See the Range Master about qualifying to draw and fire from a holster.

Get Help With Malfunctions:  Seek out the Range Safety Officer for help with firearm malfunctions and stoppages. Do not remove malfunctioning firearms from the shooting booth. Instead, after a thirty-second delay, place the malfunctioning gun on the bench with the muzzle pointing downrange.

Unload and Case All Guns When Leaving The Range:  Unload all firearms, open the actions and place them in a case, bag, or holster. Before exiting, handgun carry permit holders may load, holster, and conceal their firearms.



Age Requirements:   Adults must be legal to own and possess a handgun. Children must be at least 48 inches tall old to shoot. Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to sign a waiver. The parent shall act as a coach and MUST remain with the minor at all times.

Range Safety Officers Are in Charge:  Shooters are to obey the instructions and commands of the Range Safety Officer at all times. At the call of CEASE FIRE! all shooting must STOP! It would be best to make your firearm safe, lay it on the bench with the muzzle (barrel) pointed downrange, and wait for further instructions. Shooters should not re-approach the firing line or pick up their firearm until the "ALL CLEAR!" signal is given by the Range Safety Officer. The Range Safety Officer will request any person handling a gun unsafe or careless to leave the range.

Only One Shooter and One Coach are permitted per shooting booth, and only one uncased firearm is allowed at a time. Persons not shooting or coaching are not allowed on the range. However, observers may watch from the viewing area provided.

Keep to Your Assigned Shooting Lane:  Do not change shooting booths or lanes without notifying the Range Safety Officer.

Never Reach or Move Across the Firing Line:  No one is permitted forward of the firing line for any reason, at any time.  

No Vandalism:  Any misuse of the facility or disregard of rules will result in expulsion from the range. Range Safety Officer determinations are final. You will be held accountable and may have to pay for any damage you cause.

No Alcohol and Drugs:  Anyone appearing to be intoxicated or impaired shall not be allowed to shoot or handle firearms and may be invited to leave the facility. Range Safety Officer determinations are final. 

No Food, Drink, Gum, or Tobacco Is Permitted Inside the Range. In addition, cell phone usage, including texting, is prohibited on the range.

Clean-Up:  Leave the shooting booth uncluttered, free of brass and trash before leaving. Sweep up your empty brass and deposit it in one of the brass buckets.


People of all backgrounds and genders enjoy shooting sports.  Some have been taught gun safety at a young age, while others have discovered the sport later in life.  No matter when they were introduced firearms, there is one thing all shooters can agree on: the need for gun safety.  You're never too young or too old to revisit the basics that continue to help everyone enjoy their day at the range.


Take a few moments to watch this excellent video produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation*:

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