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We have certified over 20,000  students since 2010

Everything you need for class is provided!

This 8-hour class is the one you need for traveling out of state

Learn to shoot and get your concealed carry Permit!

"Ladies First" Handgun Class with Concealed Carry Permit

This four-hour, ladies-only course is professionally taught at our state-certified Handgun Safety School and Indoor Shooting Range.   This is designed for beginners and those with experience.  We provide everything you need - handgun, ammo, targets, ear and eye protection, and best of all great instruction in a first-class facility.

Ladies First Class withCCP

Coed Handgun Class with Concealed Carry Permit


Our four-hour Coed Class is a great way to share shooting with your spouse, friends, sons, and daughters.  The class is designed for those starting and those who need a refresher handgun course.  Families also enjoy this class while learning to handle firearms safely and to accurately shoot handguns.  Completing this course will also qualify you to apply for the Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit.

Enhanced Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class

The Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit is the one you want if you intend to travel out of the state of Tennessee.  More states recognize and honor this permit than the Concealed Carry Permit.  This is the most comprehensive Tennessee handgun permit class you can take.  The class lasts six to eight hours, depending on the number of students who sign up.

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