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Carry for Life!© III

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Carry for Life!© III:  Hit the Ground & Low Light

Fights are a nasty business.  Bad things happen.  When you take cover or are knocked to the ground, will you give up or keep fighting?  Have you fired your handgun while lying on your back, your side?  If you slip and fall in a fight, what will you do?  This course will ensure that the first time you fire from these positions won’t be when your life depends on it.  Carry For Life III also covers shooting with lights.  What is the proper light for you?  When is the appropriate time to use a light?  Get some experience with the different types of lights.  Home dry fire practice helps build skills.  However, nothing beats firing your firearm while utilizing your light.


Carry for Life! © III:  Hit the Ground & Low Light


Standing tall may look great on the big screen, but doing so can lead to undesired outcomes in real life.  In this class, new firing positions such as kneeling, sitting, and prone will be added as you learn how to shoot from the ground and other non-traditional firing positions.  


Also, you will learn to think as you fire from cover, fire while moving, shoot-move-shoot, fire at moving targets, and be challenged with problem-solving situations, such as firing from left and right barricades.


Finally, this course emphasizes state-of-the-art techniques in deploying your handgun in low-light situations, including shooting while holding a flashlight in one hand.


You will practice-ready positions, drawing your gun while holding a flashlight in one hand, coping with malfunctions, and reloading.  Use of cover and concealment while using a flashlight and other light sources, including available light, will be taught.


Prerequisite:  Must have completed Carry For Life I & II

Night Sights: 70% of shootings occur in low light situations.  Night sights can offer an edge for both point/intuitive shooting and sight shooting by providing glowing dots on your target’s center of mass.

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Tactical Flashlights are much brighter than traditional flashlights and can momentarily blind an attacker even during the middle of the day.  Find one at least 65 lumens, use lithium batteries, and have a tail-cap on/off switch.

Carry for Life!© III:  Hit the Ground & Low Light


Tuition:  $150.00


Ammunition:  300 rounds of factory ammunition are required

Hours:  4 hours

What You Need to Bring:

Handgun: In good working order, your double-action revolver or single-action/double-action semi-auto pistol, centerfire caliber.  

Light:  You need to bring a flashlight.  The suggested type is Streamlight, Maglite, or Surefire.  We will have some on hand if you do not own one or wait to buy one until you understand your needs better.


For Reloading:  For a revolver, you will need two-speed loaders.  For a semi-automatic, you will need two additional magazines.  It would be best to carry the speed loaders or magazines as you would for everyday carry.

Holster:   Your daily carry holster.  Holsters must correctly fit the weapon, completely cover the trigger guard, remain open when the gun is removed, and not allow the gun to cover the shooter's body.  No Thigh Rigs like Galco: Speed Master, Combat Master, or Avenger; Bianchi: Askins' Avenger or 4L.  Kydex is allowed.  No Serpa Holsters by Blackhawk, gun pouches, shoulder, ankle, or cross-draw holsters are permitted.

Belt:   You will need a good quality belt to hold your holster.  Tip: Wear pants with belt loops to fit the waistband.


Protection:  Prescription or shooting glasses and hearing protection are required.  Eye and ear protection will be provided at no charge if needed.


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