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Carry for Life!© I 

Carry For Life 1 Intro to tactical shooting and shooter movement

Introduction & Shooter Movement

This practical self-defense handgun course introduces the participant to the Fundamentals of Firearms Safety, along with the skills necessary to properly handle a revolver and semi-automatic pistol.  You will learn what a handgun will do, what it won't do, and why it works the way it works.  The hands-on training will start with Proper Stance and Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, and Trigger Control.


Next, the element of shooter movement will be introduced.  Here you will learn proper techniques for moving forward, laterally, and backward with the primary goal of making room between the attacker and oneself while still making good hits on the target and tactical reloading while on the move.  The goal is to make yourself harder to hit by moving while simultaneously improving the chances of stopping a threat by making solid hits.  


Upon completing this course, you will have a fundamental understanding of the handgun's defensive use.  Among the many skills covered will be the ability to safely and efficiently draw your weapon from the holster and fire sighted shots to the center of a target 5 yards away while moving in various ways.  Your goal will be to learn how to hit one or more targets while making yourself a very uncooperative target.


Lecture Topics Include  Refresher on firearms and range safety, holsters, use of deadly force, mental awareness, civil liability, why movement is essential to survival, the tendency to freeze in place, situational awareness, knowing when to move, and where to move to.

Firing Range Drills Include  Loading and unloading, grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger control, and presentation from ready and holster.  Additional topics include target engagement from arms-length to 15 yards, malfunction clearing, speed, and tactical reloading.  Take home drills. 


Prerequisite: Must have a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit, NRA Basic Pistol Course, or other approved training.

Carry for Life!© I: Introduction & Shooter Movement

Tuition:  $150


Ammunition:  300 rounds of factory ammo required

Hours:  4 hours

What You Need to Bring:

Handgun:  Your own double-action revolver or single-action/double-action semi-auto pistol, centerfire caliber. It must be in good working order.  

For Reloading:  For a revolver, you will need two-speed loaders.  For a semi-automatic, you will need two additional magazines. You will need the means to carry the speed loaders or magazines you would for everyday carry.

Holster:  Your daily carry holster.  Holsters must correctly fit the weapon, completely cover the trigger guard, remain open when the weapon is removed, and not allow it to cover the shooter’s body.  No Thigh Rigs (Galco: Speed Master, Combat Master, or Avenger; Bianchi: Askins' Avenger or 4L. Kydex is allowed). No Serpa Holsters by Blackhawk, gun pouches, shoulder, ankle, or cross-draw holster are allowed.

Belt:  You will need a good quality belt to hold your holster. Tip: Be sure to wear pants with belt loops that the belt fits.

Protection:  Prescription glasses or shooting glasses are required, along with hearing protection. Eye and ear protection will be provided at no charge if needed.

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