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Coed Concealed Carry Permit

This is course is professionally taught at our state-certified Handgun Safety School and Indoor Shooting Range.  


We Provide Everything You Need in Class:  Use of our Handgun, Ammo for our Handgun, Targets, and Eye and Ear Protection.

Our Coed Handgun Fundamentals Class Qualifies You for the Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit

Our Coed Class is a great way to share shooting with your spouse, friends, sons, and daughters.  The class is designed for those starting and those who need a refresher handgun course.  Families also enjoy this class while learning to handle firearm safely and to accurately shoot handguns. 

This fun, four-hour course takes place in the classroom and on our indoor firing range, where you will learn the different types of handguns, firearm safety, how to hold a gun, how to aim and shoot, how to load and unload, and what to look for when buying your pistol or revolver.

Completing this course will also qualify you to apply for the Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit.

Our four-hour class is guaranteed to have you firing on target before leaving.

Then if you want, you may apply for your Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit (needed if you plan to carry out of state).

Frontier Firearms COED Gun Class
CoEd Basic Handgun Course
CoEd Concealed Carry Class_edited

* Those wishing to obtain their Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit must apply at the Tennessee Department of Safety and pay $65 for an eight-year concealed carry permit.

Handguns & Ammo Provided​

Concealed Carry Class at Frontier Firerarms USA
Has it been a while since you fired a handgun?

Are you looking to brush up on old skills?  Perhaps you're a beginner or want your son or daughter to learn handgun skills and safety.  

This class includes top-notch instruction, use of our handgun, ammunition for our handgun, eye and ear protection, targets, discount coupon, and an all-day range pass to use any day after class.

Plus, you will qualify for your Concealed Carry Permit.

In Our Four Hour Class, You Learn:

  • About handguns, how to work them, hold them, and shoot them safely.

  • How to handle safely, load, and unload pistols and revolvers.

  • How to aim and accurately fire pistols and revolvers.

  • The legalities involved in using your gun for self-defense.

  • Which handguns are best for concealed carry and home protection.

  • How to hit the target 100% of the time!

  • How to select the correct handgun for you.

  • About cleaning your handgun.

  • About the transportation of firearms.

  • How to apply for your Concealed Carry Permit


This 4-hour course could save a life - YOURS!

SAMPLE Certificate of Completion Template.jpg

Your ticket includes the following:

  • Classroom instruction on gun safety, parts of guns, aiming and shooting.

  • Range time

  • Use of our Handgun

  • Ammunition for our handgun

  • Range fees

  • As many targets as you need

  • Eye Protection

  • Ear Protection

  • A Discount Coupon for in-store purchases

  • A One Day Range Pass for practice anytime after your class.

  • Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit Certificate of Completion


Guarantee: No matter your age, ability, or prior experience in our class, you will overcome your fear of handguns, and before our four hour is up you will be shooting with ease and confidence.  If however by the end of the class you feel we have failed to keep this promise, just say so in class and we will refund your money on the spot! That's our promise to you!

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