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Make sure it's the right gun for you!

  • Buy the Right Gun!
  • No More Lemons!
  • No More Remorse!

Try Before You Buy


  • New standard production handguns and rimfire rifles.

  • Used standard production handguns and rimfire rifles

  • Only firearms for which we have ammo in stock


  • ​Special ordered firearms

  • GunMall orders

  • Collectible or rare firearms

  • Consignment firearms

  • Magnum loads in 357, 10mm, 44, 454, 460, 500, etc.

No more lemons. No more buyers remorse because you can try before you buy at Frontier Firearms.

Yes, it's that simple!

* The Fine Print

  • You must be legal to buy the gun you wish to test fire.

  • We reserve the right to limit the number of guns you may test fire.

  • Test firing is limited to five or six rounds.

  • Only one free Try Before You Buy test fire per firearm purchase.

  • Customers must be under the supervision of our Range Safety Officer.

  • Test firing during busy times is limited by the availability of a Range Safety Officer and open firing lanes.

  • Customers who wish to test fire are subject to our Range Safety Rules. 

  • Customers with limited firearms experience may be required to take a firearms safety course before test firing.  There is a fee for this. 

  • Only those we deem safe are allowed to shoot.

  • Rules and prices are subject to change.

Try Before You eliminates the chance of disappointment of buying a handgun you never fired.
Shoot the handgun you want to buy before spending you cash.  No charge if you buy it at Frontier Firearms

Try Before You Buy

Don't be disappointed in your firearm purchase....
Purr Baby watches over new arrivals at Frontier Firearms
Never get stuck with a lemon when you can try before you buy at Frontier Firearms. We sell guns, handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

Here's how it works*

  1. Narrow your choice to one firearm.

  2. Tell us you would like to "Try Before You Buy"

  3. Test fire! (under supervision, of course). 

  4. There's no charge if you buy the same day!

  5. Otherwise, the cost is $10.00 (plus Tax).

Try Before You Buy at Frontire Firearms

Never again buy a handgun without test firing it.

  • Did you know all new firearms are test fired?

  • That's right, all firearms have been fired.

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