What is the cost to get a Handgun Permit?

Four elements contribute to the cost of your Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit:


  • The State Permit Fee (payable to the State after you take the class)

  • The Handgun Saftey Course

  • The Cost of Ammunition

  • The Cost of Travel to the School and Shooting Range

The State Permit Fee is payable after you take the Handgun Safety Class.


  • Your first permit will be issued for eight years ($100) unless you get a lifetime ($300).

  • Eight-year renewal - $50

  • Military eight years - $68, renewal $50

  • Lifetime, $300

  • Military Lifetime. $268

  • Retired Law Enforcement Lifetime, $100

  • Upgrade to Lifetime - $200

  • Upgrade to Military Lifetime - $200

  • Uprade to Lifetime Law Enforcement - $100

The Cost of the Handgun Safety Class:


  • At Frontier Firearms the class ticket includes the shooting range fee, targets, use of eye and ear protection AND lunch! 

  • $50.00 for employees of any school system including homeschool instructors

  • $50.00 for Group of Ten Discount Tickets

  • $55.00 for Individual Tickets

  • Only $15 (plus sales tax) to use our gun with ammo

The Cost of Ammunition:


  • Use our handgun with the needed ammunition for $15.

  • Depends upon firearm caliber you use

  • Between $10 and $25 for fifty rounds 

  • Watch for special offers from Frontier that include a gun and ammo for as little as $15

Transporation Cost:


  • At Frontier, the classroom and shooting portion of a class are at the same location, so the cost of transportation is for one round trip to our Kingston store and range.

  • Many outfits have class in one location, and then you must drive to the range up to fifty miles from the classroom.  Of course, this takes more time and drives up your fuel cost.

Example of Cost at Frontier


  • State fee - Eight years

  • Permit class without a discount ticket

  • Cost to use gun with ammo 

  • Travel cost round trip