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Carry for Life!© Fundamentals of the AR-15 

Carry for Life© AR15 Fundamentals

Carry for Life - Fundamentals of the AR-15 Rifle

Today, the Modern Sporting Rifle, built around the AR platform, is the most common in the USA. Yet despite this widespread popularity, many Americans don’t understand the importance of properly setting up and using ARs in self-defensive situations.

In this class, you will learn the following:

  • Set up, including what are necessary and unnecessary accessories

  • How to tear down, clean, lubricate, and

  • How to make repairs and essential spare parts

  • The importance of a sling, its positioning, and its use

  • Administrative actions - clearing, loading, and unloading

  • Stance, grip, and body positioning

  • Correct sighting and zeroing

  • How to load and reload correctly

  • Proper trigger press

  • Clearing malfunctions

  • Where to make hits on a threat

  • Communication with partners and threats

In the Fundamentals of the AR-15 class, you will need the following:

  • Eye and ear protection plugs and electronic muffs preferred (available discounted for purchase)

  • 200 rounds of ammo for your rifle (available for discounted purchase at the range)

  • Proper clothing - long pants, shores, and no low-cut shirts

  • A working AR-style rifle (subject to inspection)

  • A 2-point sling (available for discounted purchase

  • At least three or more magazines (available for discounted purchase)

  • Sights for your rifle, irons, red dot, or holographic (available for purchase)

  • Adjustment tools for your sights

  • Tools to tear down your rifle and add/remove accessories (available for purchase)

The following will NOT be allowed in class:

  • Bolt catch levers (BAD Lever, etc.)

  • Muzzle compensators

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