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Sell - Buy - Trade by The Book

  • We Buy Guns

  • We Trade for Guns

We trade by the book - the Blue Book of Gun Values, so you always know the value of the used guns you're selling or trading --  no secrets, no film-flam, and most of all, no money left on the table.  Everything is out in the open, upfront, and easy to understand.


So rest assured, you'll get top dollar because we follow the nationally recognized "bible" of used gun prices to determine what yours is worth.

Sell or trade your used guns with confidence


When someone makes an offer to trade or buy your used gun, how can you be sure it's a fair deal?  At Frontier, you can sell or trade with confidence because we've taken the guesswork out of selling or trading your firearm.

  •     Every gun is valued by the same rules, strictly by the book - the BLUE BOOK of GUN VALUES.   

  •     According to NRA and Blue Book firearm grading standards, we work with you to grade the condition of your gun.

  •     We will show you in writing exactly how we came up with our offer on every deal. 

  •     Even if you have no idea how much your gun is worth, we will tell you.

  •     You won't be insulted by low-ball, rip-off offers.

  •     We will give you a fair price, what your gun is worth - even it is more than you were asking.

  •     We don't prey on those in financial need.  We never take advantage because you're in a bind.

  •     No matter how badly you need to sell, you'll walk out the door at a fair price when we make a deal.

  •     If we trade or buy your gun, we will tell you the actual retail value of your old gun.


Finally, check out our reputation and know we won't sell yourself and your gun short.  At Frontier, you're dealing with a company that has traded for twenty-two years.

How we buy and trade guns at Frontier Firearms​​​


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