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Concealed Carry for Life!©

Carry for Life!© Defensive Pistol Series  

You've taken the first step - you have a handgun and Carry Permit.  Now it's time to advance your shooting skills and improve your self-defense preparedness.  At Frontier Firearms we help prepare you for daily carry and against the unfortunate confrontation that may require the use of deadly force.  Perhaps you just completed a basic pistol class, recently acquired your carry permit or as many others are a lifelong shooter but have never experienced professional firearms instruction and want to develop your self-defense and combat pistol skills.  If so our Carry for Life!© Defensive Pistol Classes are for you.

Carry for Life!© I
Introduction &
Shooter Movement
Carry for Life!© II
Strong - Weak Hand
Take Cover!

Hitting a moving target is hard and when you are the target you prefer not to get hit. Therefore, you should be moving. Making ourselves harder to hit by moving while improving the chances of stopping a threat by making solid hits is a must-have skill.  Among the many skills acquired in this course will be the ability to safely and easily draw your weapon from the holster firing sighted shots to the center of a target 5 yards away while moving in a variety of ways.


In his song Sixteen Tons, Tennessee Ernie Ford's lyric “If the right one don’t get you, then the left one will" aptly describes defensive shooting. Thus, in Carry For Life II, you will learn dominant or strong and weak hand drills.  Then because many police officers and individuals are injured or killed while standing mere feet from cover that if used correctly, would have stopped incoming projectiles, you will learn about cover.  Also, you will discover why unnecessarily abandoning cover before the threat is neutralized or mistaking concealment for cover can be fatal.  This class is designed to help prevent these tragic outcomes.


Carry for Life!© III
Hit the Ground
Low Light
Carry for Life!© IV
The Self & Home
Defense Plan
More on Carry for Life! © IV

Fights are a nasty business… bad things happen.  When you take cover or are knocked to the ground are you going to give up or keep fighting? Have you fired your handgun while lying on your back, your side?  If you slip and fall in a fight what will you do?  This course will make sure the first time you fire from these positions won’t be when your life depends on it.  Carry For Life III also covers shooting with lights.  What is the proper light for you?  When is the proper time to use light?   Get some experience with the different types of lights.  Home dry fire practice helps build skills. However, nothing beat firing your firearm while utilizing your light.


Home invasions and the "knockout game" are a rising concern in America. This class will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your awareness and the defense plan for your family and yourself. This class builds on your experience from the previous classes and lets you turn this training into "your" training and basis upon which you develop your home and personal defense plan


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