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Internet Gun & NFA Transfers

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Firearms Transfer Request

Hassle-Free Firearms Transfers

Incoming FFL Transfers

Frontier Firearms is happy to assist our customers with firearms and NFA transfers from licensed FFL dealers and individual sellers. 

Please read and understand our policies and fees:

  • Up to three firearms from a single dealer/seller can be listed on one Transfer Request.

  • The fee for up to three guns from one dealer/seller on the same order or invoice is $30 plus tax and the $10 State Background Check. 

  • Each NFA Item must be on a separate Transfer Request, and the fee for each item is $50 plus tax.

  • To begin the transfer process, complete our Firearm Transfer Request.

  • We handle it from there.

Things to know:

  • Only the actual purchaser/recipient can take possession of a transferred firearm.

  • The purchaser/recipient of the firearm or NFA item must have a valid government-issued photo I.D. with his or her current address.

  • The purchaser/recipient must complete an ATF Form 4473 and pass the required background check.

  • NFA items require more extensive paperwork.

  • We will assist you with the NFA paperwork process.

When may you pick up your transfers?

  • You will probably be notified by the seller that your firearm or NFA item has been delivered to Frontier.

  • This does not mean it will be ready for pickup.

  • After receiving your firearm or NFA item, we need two weekdays (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays) to process the newly arrived transfer.

  • We will call you when our ATF compliance officer logs in your firearm or NFA making it ready for pickup.

  • Please do NOT call or come to the store before we have called to tell you your firearm or NFA item is ready.

Firearm / NFA Item Request 

We will contact you when your firearm is ready for pickup.

Bring your sales receipt that shows you and not someone else paid for the gun to be transferred.

We Handle the Red Tape

Don't worry about Government regulations.  Our job is to see that your transfer complies with all State and Federal firearms laws.  All you need to know is that before a firearm can be turned over to you, you must complete a Federal Form 4473, and we must run a criminal background check on you.  This process seems daunting, but it's not because we'll guide you through each step on our fully computerized 4473 system.

Once your gun has arrived, we need two days for internal paperwork.  So before calling or coming to the store, please wait for us to contact you.


You must have a sales receipt from the seller showing you are the actual buyer of the firearm.  If the sales receipt does not have your name and address that matches your government-issued photo ID, we cannot transfer the gun to you (per ATF regulations, the firearm can only be transferred to the person who paid for the gun, so you must bring your purchase receipt to us). 

We do not accept drop shipments.

  • We will only accept transfers from a retailer's actual, in-stock inventory. 
  • We do not accept drop shipments from wholesalers. 
  • Ensure the gun you order will be shipping from the retail dealer you are buying from, not a firearm distributor/wholesaler.
  • Drop-shipped firearms will be returned to the wholesaler. 
  • Prices subject to change 

Transfer fees do NOT include State of Tennessee Background Check Fee of $10. Transfer fees are  subject to change without out notice

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