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Training and practice with ATS

Downrange training and shooter movement.

Finally an indoor training option!

"When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target." 

~ George Fisher

The indisputable truth about target shooting:


Statistics and common sense show us that most real-life confrontations with handguns occur at close distances and are over very quickly. The time available to successfully hit the adversary is determined by the actions of the adversary, not by how much time the shooter feels he or she needs to execute the shot.


Most conventional firearms instruction with handguns has focused on what is called  "Precision Shooting." In Precision Shooting, the target, the shooter, and the weapon are stabilized before the shooting cycle even begins. The shooting cycle incorporates a very controlled press motion of the trigger while the sights of the weapon remain aligned. Shooters trained in this method historically have not fared well in actual gun battles.

To train for success under real-life time conditions, one must train against a high speed moving target system with programs that replicate the minimal amount of time a shooter will have to neutralize an adversary successfully.


With the ATS - Active Target Shooting system students learn to successfully engage and hit moving targets that are only exposed for a second or two.  This shooting skill is called Reactive Shooting.


Unlike conventional indoor ranges, at Frontier Firearms the shooter must react to moving targets and successfully shoot it in the limited time the target is exposed. Like in a real-life battle, sometimes the targets require multiple hits before going down. ATS training reinforces critical skills that cannot be developed shooting stationary targets. 


No other facility in Tennessee can compete with Frontier Firearms in offering Reactive Shooting. That is why military and police units all over the world train on the same target system installed for you to enjoy at Frontier Firearms.


So whether you're training for the Zombie Apocalypse or the defense of your loved ones, come to Frontier Firearms Family Shooting Center - it doesn't get any better than this!

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