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The 21 Foot Drill

You've got your handgun carry permit but are you ready to carry?  Read on...

Years ago Sergeant Dennis Tueller, of the Salt Lake City Police Department began studying the dynamics of self-defense with handguns. What he discovered was shocking.  Since those days a drill he developed has been used by police departments and self-defense trainers all over the world to alert their students to the deadly consequences of over-confidence and the speed at which an attacker can close twenty feet!


Sgt. Tueller wondered how quickly an attacker with a knife could cover 21 feet.  So he measured the time it took volunteers to race 21 feet and stab a target.  Sgt Tueller discovered the average assailant could cover 21 feet and stab you in about 1.5 seconds!  The question then became how many handgun owners can draw their firearm from concealment, fire, and STOP a determined attacker in 1.5 seconds?


In the Tueller Drill, you have only 1.5 seconds to win or lose a knife fight.  The drill involves drawing your handgun and stopping the attacker as it races at you (approx 6 miles per hour).  By the way, the target is reactive and only stops or drops after you hit it with two or more well-aimed shots to its vital zones.

Sounds easy? Without practice, very few survive this attack.  However, with practice, it is not as hard as it sounds!  But like all skills, it takes practice.


Unfortunately until now most shooters never have the chance to find out if they have the skill, presence of mind, and steady nerves required to survive such an attack.  Most shooters even those who train faithfully have no idea how they'd fare against a moving target racing at them.  Shooting stand-still targets just do not prepare one for the tunnel vision, shaky-handed "rush" that can be overwhelming when a knife-wielding assailant suddenly turns and races at you!


You can only get this kind of real-world training by drilling against moving targets.  And the only range in Tennessee that is fully equipped with ATS - the turning, moving Active Target Shooting system is FRONTIER FIREARMS.


If you think you can defend yourself without the proper training, stop by Frontier, and you may find out your DEAD wrong!


The next time you shoot at Frontier Firearms, test yourself against the Tueller Drill.


If you fail, instead of dying or going to the hospital, we'll suggest a range membership so you can practice in ways that count when mere seconds separate you from life and death.


Just tell our Range Master you want to test yourself with the Tueller or 21 Second drill.

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