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Turning, Moving Targets

Frontier Firearms - offering ATS - Active Target Shooting™

With the push of a button, you send your target running, rushing, and turning forcing you to make split-second decisions - shoot or don't shoot!


Two Complete Indoor Ranges:  Our indoor shooting facility is divided into two separate shooting ranges, each 25-yards long. Both bays have five spacious shooting positions - four 48" wide shooting positions and one 5ft wide for wheelchair access and instruction. Each is equipped with Touch Plus™


ATS - Active Target Shooting™  System:  Fully automated, computer controlled, 360-degree turning targets. This system offers a unique "shoot / don't shoot" training environment that cannot be duplicated with non-turning, slow-moving targets creeping back and forth on strings or cables.


Firearms Training:  Frontier Firearms hosts firearms training courses for beginners and essential training including Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit classes to advanced firearms instruction.

Shoot all day for one low fee or purchase a Range Membership.
Great shooting fun at Frontier Firearms near Knoxville TN
Smile maker the ATS system at Frontier Firearms near Knoxville TN
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What do the FBI Training Academy, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Frontier Firearms Family Shooting Center have in common? They all have the Touch Plus™ ATS - Active Target Shooting™ system.


What do premier 5 Star ranges like the Scottsdale Gun Club share in common with Frontier Firearms? - a commitment to excellence and the Touch Plus™ ATS - Active Target Shooting™ system.


Why did these premier shooting ranges and world-class firearms training centers choose the Touch Plus™ ATS - Active Target Shooting™ system by Mancom?  The Mancom system is the most reliable and innovative live-firearms training solution in the world making them the preferred vendor to numerous law enforcement agencies and private ranges across North America, Europe and Asia including the FBI and RCMP.


At Frontier, each of-of our shooting lanes has sound dampening technology to reduce dB levels, a user-friendly touch control panel, a target system that rotates 360º for enhanced practice scenarios, programmable target movement, and many pre-programmed regimens with random travel and random edging.


Isn't it good to know that there are still some ranges like the Scottsdale Gun Club and Frontier Firearms that go the extra mile to help you develop real-world shooting skills?

Train for the Real World ™ at Frontier Firearms....

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