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Frequently Asked Range Questions

What guns may I shoot at Frontier?


HANDGUNS: After orientation and demonstration of proper and safe firearm handling, shooters will be able to fire any handgun in handgun calibers without the supervision of a Range Master. RIFLES: The range is rifle rated. However, we now only allow rimfire and pistol caliber long guns.


What is the maximum shooting distance?


Twenty-Five Yards.


How many shooting lanes are there?


We have ten wide, well-lit shooting lanes. Eight lanes are four feet wide, and two are five feet wide and set up for wheelchair or seated access. Mother-Son, Father-Daughter, or Husband-Wife can shoot in a relaxed, bright, clean environment without being cramped or feel closed in.


What target system do you use?


ATS - the turning, moving ACTIVE TARGET SHOOTING system ~  the Porsche of target retrieval systems. 

TRAINING: These targets are interactive, programmable, and can edge, run and hide from you and then present and rush. They can turn 360 degrees forcing you to make the split second “shoot-don’t shoot” decisions. The targets run on a steel track, not on a string or cable like other ranges.  Computer control yields exact distances and stationary targets for precise shots.  In a word: ATS is the best there is.

SELF-DEFENSE: Many of you have heard of the 21-foot drill, or the Tueller Drill, that was designed to teach police officers about the dangers of underestimating the realities of reaction time and the short time it takes for an armed subject to cross a relatively close distance. For example, if the average adult male takes 1.5 seconds to cross 21-feet, and the average police officer requires 1.5 seconds to draw and fire two rounds from the holster, then 21-feet is the minimum distance an officer needs to efficiently respond to this attack. If attacked by an assailant with a knife how many of you could draw and fire two rounds much less hit a moving target in 1.5 seconds? Firing fast is not enough. To protect yourself from such a threat you not only need cat-like reflexes (muscle memory), you also need the mental alertness to make split-second decisions - “is the threat real?” Blasting away at stationary targets will never prepare you for the reason you carry a handgun – self-defense. However, the ATS target system allows you can safely train in the real world. ATS is fast; the targets can cover 21 feet as fast as a fit man. Thus, after the proper training, you will be able to test your reflexes, skill, and mental alertness in a very realistic setting. But watch out! Is that a Nut or a Nun racing toward you? Is that a knife or a lollypop?


What safety features does your range have? 


Shooting a firearm is inherently be dangerous!  Serious injury including possible death can result from shooting.  However, we have endeavored to create a shooting environment that is as safe as possible given the inherent dangers of live fire training. DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION: Our range was designed and built at great expense with safety as the number one priority. Our facility was designed from the ground up like a firing range. The backstops are capable of stopping a .50 cal Browning Machine Gun (BMG) round. The walls are 10” solid, steel reinforced poured concrete, and the ceiling is precast concrete plank. VENTILATION:  Engineer designed, our ventilation system is state-of-the-art that is compliant with NIOSH, OSHA, EPA and other appropriate design standards/regulations to protect shooters and range operators from hazardous airborne particulate and gases. LIGHTING: Each lane is brightly lit. Also, to overhead lighting, the target carriers each have onboard LED lighting so that seeing what you’re aiming at is never a problem at Frontier Family Shooting Center.  SOUND ATTENUATION:  The entire shooting area is lined with fire-resistant foam sound attenuation material that greatly reduces shooter's exposure to dangerous sound levels.  CONTROL:  Our range is constantly monitored by CCTV. Also, all Frontier Firearms employees are either NRA Chief Range Safety Officers or are NRA Range Safety Officers.  ORIENTATION:  All shooters must go through our safety orientation including Firearms and Range Safety.



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