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This fun class takes place in the classroom and firing range where you will learn the different types of handguns, firearm safety, how to hold, load, aim, shoot, and unload a handgun.  See what to look for when buying your own pistol or revolver.  Frontier

Our instructors have diverse backgrounds from law enforcement, military, competition, and private industry. All of our instructors are passionate about teaching students to become more effective shooters.  Each instructor has extensive training and real-world experience offering practical methodologies and approaches to instruction based on proven fundamentals and drills.  Our instructors' abilities and training go beyond state certifications.  They have earned national certification making them more than capable of delivering effective instruction in ways civilians" can understand and master.  Indeed, our instructors are motivated to teach because they want to help students develop the defensive skills necessary for survival in today's society.

Coed handgun class at Frontier Firearms Family Shooting Center near Knoxville TN.